Dome Home Historic Preservation Recognition

As an established Illinois Historical Landmark, our Hall of Fame is Growing

Historic Renovation/Preservation

Established as a true historical landmark, with honors.

Thad Heckman signing archival quality Holland Prize Poster

Image courtesy of Eric Long (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum)

Thad Heckman signing the Blueprint in Washington D.C with Robert Arzola, Historic Documentation Programs, and Catherine Levoie, Chief, Historic American Buildings Survey of the National Park Service.

Thad Heckman, of the architectural practice 'Design Works', is a former board member of RBF Dome NFP and a retired SIU faculty.

Lord Norman Foster with the 2011 Holland Prize Drawing:
The R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Fuller Dome Home. (copyright Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

How Can You Help?

Right now there are two ways you can help support the completion of the restoration and continuing maintenance of the R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Home. We have an Online store where 100% of the proceeds go to the restoration and maintenance of the Dome. You can donate directly with a Pay Pal Donation option. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help us keep this amazing treasure accessible to the public.

Be a part of preserving Bucky Fuller's Dome Home and Legacy