The R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Not-For-Profit

An Organization to Restore, Maintain and Promote Fuller's Carbondale Dome Home

Bucky Fuller in front of Carbondale Home Dome

The RBF Dome Mission

Our mission is to preserve the original dome home and legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller. To develop and operate a “home museum” within the Carbondale, Illinois Dome Home and chronicle the years during which Buckminster Fuller and his wife Anne lived there. To utilize the Fuller Dome Home Museum as an educational tool to help fulfill Fuller’s vision -

to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

Jon Davey

Professor Jon Davey standing in front of Bucky's Dome in Carbondale, Illinois.

Jon Davey speaking at a Fuller Dome Home event

We are deeply saddened to share the news of the passing of the Fuller Dome Home board president Jon Davey.

Dr. Davey, who was a professor of Architecture at SIU, became President of the dome home in 2012, serving during a during a pivotal and transformative time for the organization. Under his leadership, the restoration of the Dome was completed and plans for a welcoming center were solidified. His affiliation with the Dome and his reverence for Buckminster Fuller was nurtured by his mentor and friend Bill Perk (who passed away in 2022). Jon gave countless hours of his time in service to the Dome, guiding tours, sharing history and telling stories. He shared his enthusiasm for the design theories of Buckminster Fuller with hundreds of students over the years. His absence will be deeply felt.

The board is planning to honor his memory and work in the future.


The Fuller Dome Home Restoration Project

Honoring his legacy, inspiring our future

Restoration of Dome Exterior

Phase I

After Restoration
Before Restoration

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Restoration of Dome Interior

Phase II

After Renovations
Before Renovations

Campaign for New Visitor's Center

Phase III

The Groundbreaking for the new Visitor's Center has inspired many long standing admirers of the effort to help in having Bucky's Home Dome Museum become a beacon for the legacy of Bucky Fuller. Join us in assuring that the Carbondale Home Dome becomes a beacon to the world because now, more than ever, Bucky's message to humanity needs to be heard.

  • New Visitor's Center
  • Dome Board with shovels at groundbreaking
    Ground breaking for the new Visitor's Center.
  • House at 811 Cherry to be demolished.
    First step was to remove the building on site that was in disrepair.
  • Demolition of house for new Fuller Dome Home
    Demolition of house previously on site purchased for the new Fuller Dome Home Visitor's Center.
  • Trees to be removed from new building site for Bucky Fullers Visitor Center
    Dead and hazardous trees needed removal.
  • site-811-splitter
    Construction Manager Ed Cook and John Shannon split and remove logs from the property.
Dome Board with shovels at groundbreaking

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Mary O'Hara and Tom Redmond

"The Groundbreaking for the Dome’s Visitor’s Center was an inspiring event for many. It paid homage, not only to Bucky Fuller, but the hundreds of people who are inspired by his work. They persevere. One Person has our special attention right now is Bill Perk (1927-2022)...visionary, teacher, philanthropist, activist, and loving father and husband. October 24th was to be his 93rd birthday. "

"To honor Bill’s contributions to many, Mary O’Hara and Tom Redmond, will match any donation to the Dome project up to $1,000.00."

"Let’s keep this momentum going. Onwards to the opening of the Visitor’s Center before the next Solar Eclipse in 2024!"

Fuller's Legacy

Buckminster Fuller being interviewed by CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite for a CBS network series "The 21st Century." The interview took place inside Fuller's dome house in Carbondale, October 18, 1966.

A Global Legend

R. Buckminster Fuller was one of the most significant, influential visionaries of the 20th century, and his legacy is vital for today and for future generations.

About Bucky

Dome Home

Buckys Carbondale Dome Home

In April 1960 Buckminster Fuller assembled his geodesic dome home in Carbondale, living in it with his wife Anne until 1971. During that time, Bucky was a professor at Southern Illinois University for 12 years.

Carbondale Dome Home

The Dome in Carbondale was the only Dome in which Bucky and Anne lived during their lifetime and is a National Treasure being saved by RBF Dome NFP.

The Dome Home


Dome restoration Holland Prize

Library of Congress/Thad Heckman

The Preservation Project

The preservation of Buckminster Fuller's Carbondale Dome Home has merited several high honors, including the prestigious "Holland Prize."

See our progress!

"We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.."

R. Buckminster Fuller

Your financial support is needed to secure our success.

Press Release

Carbondale’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore (1300 East Main Street) welcomes Buckminster Fuller Dome Home authors Cary O’Dell and Thad Heckman on Saturday, August 14, 2021 for an inaugural book signing.

O’Dell and Heckman will be signing and selling copies of their book “Bucky’s Dome: The Resurrection of R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dome Home” starting at 12 noon.

ALL author proceeds from the book will be donated to the RBF Dome NFP for the further restoration and preservation of the Carbondale’s Buckminster Fuller Dome Home located at 407 South Forest Avenue in Carbondale.

Built in one day in 1960, Carbondale’s “Bucky Dome” is the only dome that SIU Professor and architectural visionary Buckminster Fuller ever lived in for over a decade, and it is the only home he ever owned.

Along with the Barnes Noble book signing, the Dome will also be OPEN FOR TOURS throughout the day on August 14, 2021. After getting your book, drive over to the Dome itself, at 407 S. Forest, for an up-close look.

When visiting the Dome,the CDC's latest recommendations will be followed. It is requested that all visitors wear a protective mask while visiting the Dome Home.


An Organization to Restore, Maintain and Promote Fuller's Carbondale Dome Home