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The RBF Dome NFP visions and dedication continues to make the news.

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Fuller family returns artifacts to Bucky's Dome Home in Carbondale

Southern Illinoisan Newspaper — Many people might not be excited to have two large ceramic dogs arrive at their home, but for the members of the R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Not-For-Profit, the dogs — and other artifacts that came with them — are quite exciting. The foo dogs, or lion dogs, were owned by R. Buckminster . . .


See the big reveal of the original foo dogs!

Story on WSIL-TV 3

Fuller’s Dome Home Project to restore Bucky Fuller's Carbondale Dome Home making progress


It’s exciting to announce that Professor Jon Daniel Davey PhD, AIA, President of RBF Dome NFP course proposal, Design Theories of Buckminster Fuller, has been selected to be offered in Fall 2021.

“The selection committee comprised of the Honors Advisory Council made up by faculty from all the Colleges on our campus (other than Law). We all found it to be an exciting and significant course.”

“The University Honors Program (UHP) is a university-wide undergraduate program that models the intellectual excitement and individualized attention of a small college of liberal arts and sciences within a comprehensive research university. It is designed to reward SIU's best students for their high academic achievements and ambition to contribute to society. We mentor each student individually, empowering them to take charge of their education; form enduring relationships; and develop life-long habits of thinking independently and working collaboratively. Through our motto of Learn. Lead. Serve we work with the whole student, introducing them to academic, leadership, and service opportunities on our campus and beyond.”