The Preservation Progress

RBF Dome NFP founder Bill Perk

Campaign for the New Visitor's Center

Phase Three

Bill Perk showing original dome sheathing

The Preservation Project

Preservation of the dome is happening in three phases.

We have completed Phase One and Phase Two.

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Come see how far we have come in restoring the only Dome that which Bucky Fuller ever lived.

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Sustainable climate friendly building practice;
3-D printing

Restoration of the home is mostly DONE! We are very excited to now be moving ahead with the Visitor’s Center. We have recently realized the unusual opportunity to construct this center using the very latest in sustainable 3D Printed Panel technology.

The 3D company with which we are working, Mighty Buildings, is eager to showcase their product adjacent to the home of the grandfather of sustainability, our own R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dome Home right here in Carbondale. Mighty Buildings is offering their services at a considerable discount to us. This will be one of only three 3-D printed buildings in the Midwest!

With 3-D Printing Technology, there is 99% less waste generated, and more tensile and flexural strength vs. concrete.* Mighty Building uses 60% Recycled printing materials. This innovative, creative, and sustainable method of building blends with Bucky’s philosophy.

Phase Three!

Campaign for New Visitor's Center!

The Groundbreaking for the new Visitor's Center has inspired many long standing admirers of the effort to help in having Bucky's Home Dome Museum become a beacon for the legacy of Bucky Fuller.

Our goal is to have the Visitor's Center completed in time for the Aril 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse! Every donation helps us to get closer to finishing the Visitor's Center. Join us in assuring that the Carbondale Home Dome becomes a beacon to the world because now, more than ever, Bucky's message to humanity needs to be heard.

Phase One - This Phase has been completed!

Preservation of the dome's structural integrity and exterior appearance

  • Struts and Panels
  • Modern waterproof TPO membrane
  • Siding
  • Exterior doors and windows

This phase has been completed!

The exterior of the dome has been repaired and brought back to its original design integrity, including the roof, exterior doors, windows and and skylights, and siding.

The outside of the dome has been painted to its original colors. The roof membrane is white, representing sails, and the two blues of the siding represent the colors of the ocean and the sky, as Bucky loved to sail.

Professional Consulting Services for all three phases donated by Thad Heckman | Design Works.

Phase Two - This Phase has been completed!

Restore the interior (labor intensive):

  • Insulation and vapor barrier
  • Upgrade electrical system to meet current codes
  • New heat and air conditioning system
  • Modify and reinforce loft floor structure
  • Interior panels and trim restored
  • Restoration of kitchen and bathrooms
  • Installation of cork flooring

Phase Two, labor intensive and detailed; New interior panels were meticulously cut and installed with some restored panels placed in their original locations. The new HVAC system works in conjunction with the still functioning radiant heated floor. The ceiling, walls, and trim have all been brought back to its beautiful original state and painted in the original clean white. The kitchen and interior closets have been restored.

Professional Consulting Services for all three phases donated by Thad Heckman | Design Works.

Eric Grosshenrich, The Mechanical Philosopher, and part of the Rocky Comfort Builders Team with Edward Cook, shot many videos detailing much of the work for Phase II.

Phase 2.5

Complete preservaton and repairs to:

  • Repair exterior concrete: driveway and sidewalks
  • Privacy fence
  • Fountain
  • Landscaping
  • Light posts

Funding Needed

Phase three will involve repairs to the concrete exterior including the driveway, sidewalk, and steps. The outdoor fountain will be reconditioned, new privacy fence installed, light posts, and of course, re-establishing Anne's beloved garden.

Professional Consulting Services donated by Thad Heckman | Design Works.

How Can You Help?

Right now there are two ways you can help support the completion of the restoration and continuing maintainance of the R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Home. We have an online store where 100% of the proceeds go to the restoration and maintainance of the Dome. You can donate directly with a PayPal Donation option. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help us keep this amazing treasure accessible to the public.

Be a part of preserving Bucky Fuller's Dome Home and Legacy